Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fox Costume

I know it's not knitting, but it is garment-making and I was quite proud of this thing, so I'm sharing it. Last year my daughter decided she wanted to be her favorite animal for Halloween. Her favorite animal is a fox...or more specifically, a red fox. I looked high and low for a costume that would work for her and the only one we found was in the UK and was priced at $50 (shipping not included).

Let's back up a little... When I was in Middle school I took sewing classes. Keep in mind that this was in the late 80's so a sewing class was not unheard of. In that class I made an ice cream pillow and a dog sweatshirt. I probably made one or two other things but I can't remember. Sad thing is that those items have disappeared--I'm guessing in my mother's basement, or given away by her. No matter, the point is the same. I haven't sewn anything since I was about 12 yrs. old. Still, I have my grandmother's sewing machine and Megan really wanted to be a fox, so I figured "what the hell."

I found a pattern that I could modify to make it more fox-like, and together, Megan and I picked out the main fabric (a rust colored fleece) for most of the costume, plus some white faux fur for the belly and ears. I didn't want to make mittens because I knew it would be difficult for her to hold the bucket and Trick or Treat, so I bought some white stretch gloves, some black "witch" fingernails, cut the nails down, and glued them to the gloves. Worked like a charm!

I will say that I was incredibly intimidated to make this costume. The pattern wasn't very helpful and most of the things I had to do I either hadn't done in forever, or had never done. I was so sure she would end up with a Gordon Cartrell costume (reference from the Cosby Show where Denise makes Theo a shirt that is all kinds of messed up). I fretted over sewing in the zipper--my first ever--and worried that one arm would be longer than the other. In the end, it came out quite nice. Not perfect...yet not too shabby. I decided not to sew in the elastic as I practiced with it and sucked. In the end I rolled up her sleeves and ankles inside and pinned them.

She was beyond thrilled! She was a little put off by people asking if she was a cat (she did kind of look like one), but in the end she could've cared less. I got a huge boost of self-confidence and even DH was proud of me. I can't say that I've sewn anything since, yet I do want to start quilting. One day... On to the costume pics:

First, the inspiration. This is the costume that we found but had a heart attack over the price. I didn't put the faux fur at the tip of the tail on Megan's, but wish I had. Live and learn.

Now, here is the costume I made full-length

Side view

Megan being silly


Beth said...

It turned out so cute Louie! Sorry that just slipped out there, too many years of referring to you as that. hehe You should be really proud of yourself!!

~Laura~ said...

My whole family calls me Louie so it doesn't faze me a bit!

I was very proud but I was most happy that SHE loved it!

Mary said...

I think yours looks better than the original! Well done....

Alicia said...

this is absolutely great! u r reli good! my son school just told us that we need to do a fox costume for him for the yr end performance n im now having trouble searching.... do u wanna sell the fox costume?